In this page I'm going to update my art decos. I thought it best to make a page just for them for my English-speaking friends.

This is a 'cat and flowers'-art deco, the cat is the little black thingy on the grass.

Spring-art deco

Butterflies-Art deco

Dragonflies-art deco

My entry on 'Cute Rubberstamps'-Art deco

My entry on 'Flappers'-deco


Vintage woman

Winter deco

Blue deco

Cat deco (for myself)

Birds (probably?)

Cats deco again

Wings and crowns

Portrait of a woman (if I remember right)

My 'Free expression'-deco for a swap with Ewan dancing on the cover.

Another 'Free expression'-deco, with Johnny Depp as an angel. The back gound paper made with Distress Inks.


'Black&White with one detail in color'-deco. Background made with bubblewrap.


Another 'Black&white with one detail in color'-deco.